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Wholesale Garden Supplies Direct From The Importer

We import wholesale garden supplies for our B2B clients. Get your wholesale garden supplies products directly from the source with free delivery.

With a proven 50 year track record, we here at Harewood International are well versed in providing wholesale garden products for our customers. Our team of buyers work hard both at home and onsite in far east countries, touring factories and picking out the very best high quality products that we know your customers love at a price that will show you a great ROI. We are constantly scanning for new market trends so that our customers have the very best pick of the latest must have items so their stock is always fresh and customer desirable.

Client advantages when you work with Harewood International:

  1. A direct line to the person handling your account
  2. Your stock sent out the same day you place your order
  3. Generous discounts on large orders
  4. Delivery direct from our UK base.



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Wholesale Garden Supplies

For those of you who are gearing up to provide great products for you gardening clients and wanting to stock your shelves for the coming season, we have some great wholesale gardening supplies across many lines for you to choose from.

As the weather gets warmer, people will be wanting to get out into the garden and repair that winter damage and get the old homestead looking great again. We will be there to help them with their garden endeavours with our range of wholesale garden supplies; everything from planters to bird houses to galvanised incinerators.

Wholesale Planters

Let your customers choose from our great range of wholesale planters to give their spring garden a boost. Unusual, eye catching and great value, we have something here for all tastes.

Wholesale Decorative Planters

We have some great wholesale decorative planters that are very popular at the moment. Ideal for all weathers, their galvanised finish is bright, easy to keep clean, rust proof and can hold a good amount of flowers. These planters look fantastic in any part of the garden. Remember, we offer discounts on bulk orders.

Check out our new range of novelty planters. Colourful and unique, these planters really make for a great addition to any garden. Popular with customers at the moment is our tractor range; brighten up your shelves with a farming theme.

Wholesale Postboxes

a ladies hands posting a letter into a red postbox

A real hot item is the external postbox, and our collection of wholesale post boxes is no exception, we have a fantastic selection for you to choose from. Catering for all tastes, you will be able to offer your customers postboxes from novelty to victorian to contemporary.

Bright and eye catching, these wholesale post boxes make a statement at the front of any house. All post boxes come complete with a lock and key. Check out our range and be sure to contact your account manager for the latest stock numbers and prices, and remember to ask them if there is anything new and tending sales wise in our wholesale garden supplies section.

Wholesale Pedestal Post Boxes

With a distinctive yesteryear feel, our wholesale pedestal post boxes are free standing and give a touch of elegance that your customers will love.

These postboxes are very popular and sell out quickly so make sure to stock up early. Made from Aluminium and painted in a selection of colours, these wholesale pedestal post boxes are weather proof and are sure to keep your customers post dry.

Call early to check available stock.

Wholesale Wall Hanging Post Boxes

For your customers that would like a wall mounted post box, we have you covered. Our wholesale wall hanging post boxes are always popular so check with us for our current range. We can stock you with old fashioned boxes; each have a different novelty logo which is colourful and distinctive. We also have stylish modern look postboxes that are painted in an assortment of colours and fully weatherproof.

Wholesale Lion Post Boxes

Let your customers add a touch of last century flair to their home front with our wholesale Lion post boxes.

Made up to resemble post boxes from the early 1900’s, these regal wholesale lion post boxes are painted in different colours to match your customers home and look fantastic outside any period abode.

These eye catching lion post boxes are in high demand, so make sure to call your account manager early to get the latest availability.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Post Boxes

Check out our range of Wholesale Stainless Steel post boxes. These post boxes are for your customers whose tastes lean more towards the ultra modern and who want a sleek look with a brushed metal finish to their post box.

The style of these wholesale stainless steel post boxes will look great outside any new look building and will bring an understated elegance with their simplicity and contemporary lines. Each comes with a lock and key for security.  Bulk order discounts available.

Wholesale Garden Galvanised Goods

water sprinkling from the many holes in a watering can nozzle onto purple flowers

Spring rain can be hard on any exposed metal in a garden, luckily we supply a great range of fully weatherproof galvanised products in our wholesale garden supplies section, that are both functional and will look great all year round. A great looking offering for your gardening section, our galvanised range is eye catching at a price that will provide a great ROI.

Wholesale Galvanised Bins

Harking back to a time before wheelie bins, these great looking wholesale galvanised bins are styled after the dustbins used in the middle of the last century. Sturdy and with many uses for the keen gardener, these wholesale galvanised bins are both practical and bright.

Each bin comes with sturdy handles and a matching lid. Let your customers add a bit of galvanised flair to their garden waste disposal.

A great addition to any gardeners list of accessories, these bins have always proved popular so be sure to order early.

silver galvanised incinerator with breathing holes in the side and small chimney in the lid

Wholesale Galvanised Incinerators

Sometimes there is garden waste that needs to be put to the torch. Our wholesale galvanised incinerators are just the job. Weather proof bins made purely for the purpose of burning gardening offcuts, these wholesale galvanised incinerators make for a great display in any gardening section and are always a customer favorite.

Each is made with breathing holes in its body and a small chimney outlet in its lid. A striking look and a weather proof finish, add these bins to your order and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t be surprised if you find people buying your galvanised bins just for their great looks and as a ornamental piece for their garden.

Make sure to contact your account manager to check on stock and availability.

Wholesale Galvanised Watering Cans

Wholesale galvanised watering cans are always a staple seller as spring gardening season gets underway. We have stock of wholesale galvanised watering cans ready to go so you can be stocked up for your keen gardening clients.

Bright and sturdy, our watering cans will catch your customers eye as they are both functional or can be used as decorative garden prop, looking at home in any garden setting.

The stock on our wholesale watering cans moves fast, so be sure to call ahead for availability.

Wholesale Galvanised Wheelbarrow

What serious gardener would be seen without a wholesale galvanised wheelbarrow? Keep your gardening elite happy by offering them a great wholesale galvanised wheelbarrow. Funcional, load bearing and full weatherproof, these wheelbarrows are tried and tested as excellent gardening tools.

Sporting a rubber wheel and easy grip handles, these wholesale wheelbarrows are firm favorites with gardeners and will be a guaranteed pickup for any customer in the market for a new barrow. Same day dispatch available.

Wholesale Doormats

Check out our wholesale Doormats. Doormats are always an excellent seller from late summer through to  early spring and we have a great selection for you to stock up on in our wholesale garden supplies section. Every home front looks great with a doormat, so let your customers keep their floors clean in style.

Each of our wholesale doormats sport a unique design in different styles, ensuring that your customers will be able to pick out the perfect mat that will fit with their style of house and decoration.

Stylish and made to last, our door mats come with either black and white or colour designs, both of which have always been excellent sellers. Call your account manager today to get the latest bulk prices and availability.

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birdhouse themed as an Irish pub with cream walls and green roof

Wholesale Birdhouses

Spring is all about warmer days and watching our feathered friends making nests. Give your customers the opportunity to buy one of our novelty themed wholesale birdhouses from our wholesale garden supplies section to brighten up their garden.

Perfectly finished in weather proof paint, these wholesale birdhouses look great in store and in the garden, and always prove to be a popular seller. Presented in various themes to suit any style of garden or customer taste, our wholesale birdhouses are distinctive, fun and a sure basket add for any of your customers doing spring garden shopping.

Working with Harewood International

Come join us here at Harewood International as a wholesale customer. Applying for a Business to business account is as easy as filling out our online form or calling us direct on 0113 243 8753 where our account team will look after you and get you up and running with a wholesale account in no time.

Call us today and see the difference working with a professional and passionate wholesaler really makes.