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Wholesale Homeware Direct From The Importer

Get your wholesale homeware stock directly from the importer. We are an importer of wholesale homeware products with same day dispatch.We are Harewood International, an importer of household products from China and the far east. We have been importing stock for our wholesale customers for over 50 years. Over the years we have built up an excellent working relationship with both our contacts overseas and our wholesale customers. Our team of buyers are in constant contact with our suppliers both on site and remotely ensuring our customers get the very latest products at the best prices. We know the market place here in the UK and what stock our B2B customers really want and need, so our buyers know exactly what products to target and at what price point to ensure our customers get an excellent ROI.

When you partner with Harewood International, you will gain access to:

1. Your own account manager
2. Stock dispatched the same day
3. UK Warehouse dispatch point
4. Bulk order discounts


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Open Fire Accessories

rustic logs in front of a fire place
We have an outstanding selection of open fire accessories for you to stock up on for your customers who have a working solid fuel fire and for those with a non functioning decorative fireplace. Available in a selection of finishes and purposely made for those who want either a traditional look to their fire through to those with ultra modern tastes. All come with same day dispatch. Ask your account manager about bulk order rates.

Companion Sets

Companion sets comprising of dustpan, brush, tongs and poker, all hanging from a themed stand, are available for our wholesale homeware clients. We currently have sets that will appeal to both traditional and contemporary tastes sporting various tastes, finished including polished bass and mat black.

Our sets are both practical and beautiful with a robust build and quality finish. Good for everyday use whilst tending a fire or as a decorative piece to finish a fireplace look. Buy with confidence, these sets are a popular item and sell well.

close up on a fireside companion set brush, poker and shovel
brass fire companion set showing poker, bursh, tonges

Guards and Surrounds

fires surround in front of a fire finished in black and brass

Check out our range of fireguards that offer real protection and look fantastic. For your customers who are actively using either wood or coal to heat their houses, a fire guard is a must to help protect their rooms from hot sparks and embers. Old world and contemporary tastes catered for, our guards are great for real fire use or as a decorative piece.We also supply child protection guards to keep babies and toddlers safe from living flame fires. These are sturdy constructions with a swinging gate for ease of access for adults to tend the fire.

Looking for fire accessories for your customers but don’t have a Harewood International Account? Apply today on the site or ring our office on 0113 243 8753 and chat to an account manager.

Buckets, Hods, & Racks

two coal buckets finished in black

No fireplace is complete without a ready source of fuel nearby. Whether this is for practical or decorative use, we have stock of buckets, hods and racks to keep your customers happy.  Our buckets come in standard or pot bellied shapes and are ideal for coal. They are finished in either brass or mat black and compliment both old and new style fireplaces. Our hods are a staple seller and look great next to any fireplace and our log racks and baskets look fantastic and are an easy sell.

Call us today to see some of the great deals that we put together for our wholesale homeware customers.

coal hod finished in black showing coal at its opening

Around The Home

We have some fantastic wholesale homeware products this season. Here are a few details on a small selection of our current inventory.



a stylish bathroom showinga free standing bath and a garden scene though the window

From practical to a touch of luxury, we have a range of bathroom sets and products that we know your customers will love. Bathroom accessories are always a staple seller, necessity items for the smallest room in the house are always in demand, so we always make sure that we have plenty for stock for our wholesale homeware customers.  We usually have a good stock of:

Toilet brush holders
Toilet pedal bins
Bath pillows
Shower Curtain Accessories
Pamper Items

Our Stock turns around quickly so be sure to check back regularly. As always, large bulk orders can be catered for with same day dispatch. Talk to your account manager about availability.

a selection of stainless steel pans

Cookware / Kitchen

Get some great deals for your kitchen section. Our kitchen stock buyers are always busy picking out great new items for our wholesale homeware clients. Stock is plentiful but does rotate quickly so make sure you get your order in early.Check out our pots and pans that come in either sets or individual items.We have a fantastic range of enamelware for use in an oven that are very popular. Our whistling kettles have great designs and colours and we know your customers will love our offerings in our Kitchen textiles section where you can find cooking aprons, oven mitts and tea towels.

Call your account manager – remember: order today and we will ship today.

Home Electric Goods

Do you have an electric appliance section? We have electric appliances for your general household and kitchen sections, all sourced by our professional buyers and coming directly from the manufacturers in China delivering the best prices possible.All electrical products meet british safety standards and are checked at source and also when they arrive here in the uk. If you are one of our wholesale homeware customers then buy with confidence; you and your customers will love the prices and the range.

Not a wholesale member? Apply to be a Harewood International customer on the website or give our sales team a call direct on 0113-243-8753.

close up of a oil radiator temperature dial


Help keep your customers warm with our great range of room heaters. We have pallets or heaters just waiting to be shipped directly to your retail outlets. We are currently stocking:

Electric heaters
Halogen Heaters
Fan Heaters
Oil Radiators

Customers have their own personal preference when it comes to heating, so our buyers have worked hard to make sure that all bases are covered and that we can supply the type of heating products that your customers want. Ask your account manager about bulk orders.

All heaters are factory tested and then checked by our own Quality Assurance team to make sure they conform with our high standards before being shipped to our wholesale home customers.

Candles & Aromatherapy

close up of a row of candle flames in a dark room

We have candles, candle holders and aromatherapy oil burners ready to ship to our wholesale homeware customers. We have practical everyday candles and candle holders to help your customers set the mood they want. New stock arriving daily so always check out our candles section before reordering, there is always something new to look at.

Our candles are great for birthdays, christmas decoration and for providing soft lighting for your customers who want to set a mood.

All our candles, holders and oil burners are packed and ready to go from our UK dispatch centre, guaranteeing you a speedy delivery. Same day dispatch when you complete your order with your account manager.

In The Garden

pink flowers in a sunny garden
Looking for stock for your outdoor / gardening section – we have you covered. We have a fantastic range of garden and outdoor related products and our buyers are out sourcing more. Here are a few highlights.


Stock your outdoor department with some of our great novelty bird houses that look great on the shelf and in the garden. Colourful, bright, with a distinctive charm, our birdhouses are very popular and sell out fast.Ask your account manager about shipping quantities and delivery times.

Made from wood and perfectly painted, our bird houses are exclusive to our wholesale homeware customers. Make sure to check back for regular stock and inventory updates. Usual same day dispatch applies.

birdhouse themed as an Irish pub with cream walls and green roof
welcome mate with the word HOME at it's centre

Welcome Mats

Every front door needs a doormat – stock up on our fantastic range of door mats and let your customers welcome their friends and family with style. Each doormat has its own unique picture depicting various themes so your customer is bound to find something that fits in with their home.We have both colour and monochrome mats. Made with wear and durability in mind, our welcome mats are popular with both our wholesale clients and their customers. Take a look today, new stock and new designs are always being sourced and displayed on the website.

All our welcome mats are shipped direct from the manufacturer and held in our UK dispatch centre in the North of England. Discounts apply for bulk orders – talk to your account manager about pricing and delivery.

Partnering with Harewood International

Joining us here at Harewood International as a wholesale homeware customer could not be simpler, either fill out our online form or pick up the phone and call our account management team on 0113 243 8753.

When you have gone through our approval process you will be introduced to your account manager who will be your goto person for any orders you place with us. They will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding stock, pricing, delivery times and bulk order deals.